We pull prices/quotes from 13 providers, including:

  • Popermo Forsikring
  • Next Forsikring
  • FDM Forsikring
  • NEM Forsikring
  • Alm. Brand
  • Global Forsikring
  • Gjensidige Forsikring
  • IDA Forsikring

Bilforsikring is an innovative price comparison platform within the financial industries, 100% free of charge and on this page, we offer you a simple and easy comparison of the best car insurance brands in Denmark. The companies include (but are not limited to) FDM (Tryg), Codan, IF Forsikring, GF Forsikring, Gjensidige Forsikring and more.

You basically fill in your license plate at the top of the page and you're good to go!

We then pull car insurance quotes directly from the insurance companies, thus you can be sure they are real-time and trust-worthy (the insurance companies are the ones delivering the quotes!)

To elaborate, we will ask for details such as your address and whether you have been involved in any car incident. All of our questions are mandatory requirements from the insurance companies. If they do not receive this information, they, unfortunately, cannot give you a concrete offer.
In Denmark, it is by law mandatory to have a third-party car insurance policy if you own car.
You can get third-party insurance (statutory requirement), fire & theft insurance, comprehensive auto insurance, glass cover, roadside assistance, and rider auto insurance.

On, you can compare them all.
Among others, your age, how many kilometers/miles you drive per year, your car (is it cheap/expensive, electric/gas), the number of incidents you have been involved in as well as your address (it is cheaper to be insured on the countryside in comparison to the city).
In short, use On we enable you to compare quotes from 13 insurance companies within 3 minutes. In that way, you can easily split the more expensive ones from the cheaper ones. We hope we can help you find the cheapest car insurance in Denmark!
In order to find the best insurance brand for you, we recommend you to compare their prices as well as coverage and match it against your actual needs. In addition, it is a good idea to check up on the specific provider's recommendations from other customers in order to get an understanding of their customer service experience.

The most famous auto brands in DK are Tryg, Alka, Codan, GF, Gjensidige, IF, FDM, Lærerstandens Brandforsikring and Alm Brand.
Often times you will see that gathering your insurances - and products in general - is more expensive in comparison to buying individual insurances. In these packages, you will often end up burning your hard-earned savings on products or features that you do not really need. In respect to car insurance, it can be beneficial to avoid buying too much extra coverage, just as it can be smart to have your car insurance at one company (i.e. Tryg) and your travel insurance at another (i.e. IF). is Denmark's biggest comparison platform within the financial industry. Here, you can compare products such as loans, mobile plans, broadband and ... you guessed it, car insurance.

We are independent which means we are not affiliated or attached to the providers we seek to compare. We want to increase transparency on the markets we compare, hereunder the insurance market in Denmark.

We are a Danish team, however, you are more than welcome to call us up with a request in English, and we will happily answer it.
We also retrieve prices on products such as broadband and mobile plans / SIM deals. Please call us up or write to our mail box if you need help on finding the best product for your needs - we are happy to help.