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Din nabo har allerede fået et lån gennem os

How can help me find the best mobile plan? is Denmark's biggest price comparison platform within the industries of telecommunication, banking and insurance and we seek to give you a neutral, easy and fast comparison of all mobile plans in the country. You can quickly compare prices from more than 25 telco providers - just click on the button above and you are good to go.

Why should I compare mobile plans?

Because it can be tedious to check the mobile plans of all telco providers in Denmark - there are more than 30 telco providers!

How is a mobile plan different from a SIM deal?

There little to no difference between these terms and they are used interchangeably. A mobile plan - or a sim deal - is a subscription to a telco provider which then offers you and your phone data and talk time. At, you can compare sim deals with low to unlimited data as well as low to unlimited talk time. In addition, you can compare mobile subscriptions including extra services such as Netflix or HBO Nordic.

Is it possible to combine mobile plans with other subscriptions?

It depends on the provider. Few telco companies are able to provide additional services to your mobile subscription. For instance, Telmore enables you to combine subscriptions on Netflix with a mobile subscription. If you intend to buy a Netflix subscription, it might be cheaper to combine with a mobile plan with Telmore which offers you rich data for a good streaming experience. The company Telia enables you to buy additional services on top of your subscription, such as Spotify. CBB Mobil offers you a combination of the music streaming service Tidal and a mobile plan. Several telco providers also include children specific services as part of the mobile subscriptions.

How often am I billed for a mobile subscription in Denmark?

You are most often billed on a monthly basis in Denmark. Some providers, such as Call Me, demand a fee each time you pay your subscription. The fee is 9,75 kr.

How do I find the best mobile plan?

It depends on your needs. On, you are however guaranteed to find it as we compare all mobile plans in Denmark. Ask yourself how much talk time you need, how much data you need and if you need additional services as part of your mobile subscription.

How do I find the cheapest mobile plan?

Easy: You find it by comparing the prices on You can filter on the price level and thus find the cheapest SIM deal for your needs.

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